There are exciting things afoot with your friendly folks at the Wells Book Arts Center!

June 20, 2012

It’s been a busy June for the folks here at the Wells Book Arts Center. After printing diplomas for the graduating class of 2012, organizing and exhibiting the Book Arts Minor Show, and preparing for finals and graduation, we’ve all been very busy with several different (and very exciting) projects and life events.

Our dear work study student, Stephanie Goodwin, graduated this past May and has recently received notice of her acceptance to the MFA Psychology Program at the University of Buffalo for the Fall of 2012. We are thrilled to share this wonderful news, and so very proud of Stephanie for her achievements.

We are also very happy for our faithful, hardworking, and extremely dedicated book artist and Book Arts Center advocate, Alex Schloop (who also graduated with the Class of 2012), as he’s found a new home in Aurora and a fantastic new career at the Aurora Inn. Besides being an absolutely brilliant designer, Alex has helped the Book Arts Center without question or hesitation ever since he became a Book Arts Minor in his junior year. Those of us who are still attending Wells and working at the Center are beyond grateful for his hard work and dedication, and we are so excited that he will still be gracing the Book Arts Center with his positive spirit in the following year(s).

Katie Baldwin, our talented, passionate, and hardworking Victor Hammer Fellow (2011-2013), has been busy at work preparing for her solo exhibition, which will be held in Philadelphia in September (2012). Carving blocks of wood into what will become their beautiful destiny, Katie is an inspiration to those of us up and coming to the competitive art world. Katie has been printing for her exhibition at both the Women’s Studio Workshop and the Wells Book Arts Center. She is also preparing for her course, Poets at the Press, which will run in the third session of the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute.

Work study student and Wells College Senior and Visual Arts Major (with a concentration in Book Arts), Jessie Reich, has been busy at work during a summer internship at The Cracker Factory in Geneva, New York. The Women’s Rights National Historic Park donated their printing equipment to Amy and Brandon Phillips at The Cracker Factory, and needs to be sorted through and organized. Jessie was recruited for the internship by Victor Hammer Fellow, Katie Baldwin, who in turn found out about the organization by past Victor Hammer Fellow, Sarah Bryant, a dear friend of the folks at The Cracker Factory. It’s a small and precious world in the realm of book arts.

So, as you can see, those of us at the Wells Book Arts Center haven’t stopped turning our wheels (or should I say, rollers?) since the semester ended! Our fearless leader, Book Arts Director Nancy Gil, has been immersed in preparations for the Summer Institute, which is coming up right around the corner!

Keep a look out for the a series of blog posts that will highlight in more detail all of the exciting projects and adventures that are taking place with all of us here at the Wells Book Arts Center.

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