Susan Garretson Swartzburg ’60 Lectures

The Susan Garretson Swartzburg 60’ Memorial Book Arts Lecture is a series named for Susan Garretson Swartzburg.

Working closely with Wells faculty and staff, Swartzburg helped to organize the press, bindery and other components that became Wells’ Book Arts Center. She served on the Book Arts Board and established a biannual book arts lecture series in memory of her father, developing contacts, raising funds, organizing events and finding speakers. The list of notable speakers and topics includes:


1st Ann R. Montanaro — Pop-Up Books: The History & Production of Pop-Up & Moveable Books from 1860


2nd Michael Joseph — Wood Engravings 1850’s & 1860’s
3rd Peter Kahn — A to Z: How the Alphabet Got Its Shape


4th Helen Barolini — Aldus and His Dream Book: The World’s Most Beautiful Book


5th David Stam — Bibliomania: Disease or Destiny
6th Mark Diumation — By Design or By Accident


7th Deidre Stam — Good Skills, Low Wages, and Unusual Frings Benefits: Women as Printers in the Nineteenth Century Oneida Community
8th David Godine — The Woodcut Art of J.J. Lankes


9th Sheila Edmunds — Three Wives & a Spinster
10th John Dean — The Role of Bookbinding in Library Preservation: Ancient Crafts to Digital Imaging


11th Jerry Kelly — Who Was Victor Hammer?
12th Sue Allen — The Book Cover Art of Sarah Wyman Whitman


13th Carol J. Blinn — One Woman’s Work
14th Deborah Evetts — Fine Binding My Approach


15th Amos Kennedy Jr. — Put The Message In The Hands Of The People And Move On!
16th Herbert Johnson — Bruce Rogers at the Riverside Press


17th Susan Moore —  Everything Begins With A
18th Barbara A. Shailor —  Bibliophile Or Biblioclast The Unusual Career of Otto Ege


19th Donald Jackson — Walking In The Footsteps Of Giants
20th Buzz Spector —  The Book As/In Landscape


21st David Pankow — The Paper Chase
22nd Julie Chen — The Bookworks of Flying Fish Press: A Behind the Scenes Look


23rd Susan Skargard — The Hand In Typ
24th Tatiana Ginsberg —  Japanese Handmade Paper And Natural Dyes


25th Terry Belanger — Ever Since I Was Five I Just Liked Books and Other erors, Institutional & Personal
26th Mark Dimunation — Science As An Open Book Early Printing & the Scientific Revolution


27th Martin Antonetti —  Arrghi’s New Invention of Letters
28th Ron Gordon — The Oliphant Pres Tradition & Transformation


29th Mindell Dubanky — The Life & Work of Alice C. Morse


30th David R. Godine —  40 Years of Books That Matter


31st Sarah Bryant — Evolution of an Artist’s Book
32nd Michael Peich (Aralia Press) — Serving the Muse:1983-2011


33rd Maureen Cummins & Nava Altas — Book Artists
34th Steve Miller — Why Books?


35th Katie Baldwin — Text Image Place & The Narrative
36th Nicolas Barker — Printing & the Mind of Man Fifty Years On


37th Dr. Steven K. Galbraith — RIT’s Cary Graphic Arts Collection Highlights From Forty-Five Years
38th Richard Kegler — Just Who Is Richard Kegler And What Is He Doing At Wells Book Arts Center


39th Andrew Steeves — Ecology, Economy, and the Endurance of Printing
40th David Shields — Towards a people’s history of American wood type


41st Jenna Rodriguez — Investigating a Sense of Place through Stillness & Movement 
42nd Harold Kyle — Type High Tech


43rd Will Hill — The Poetics of Printing (& the Printing of Poetry)
44th Katherine M. Ruffin — Why Making Things Matters: The Book Arts in the Liberal Arts


45th H. R. Buechler — W+W: Loss in/and Translation
46th Stephen Pittelkow — Taming a Riot of Color


47th Amos P. Kennedy Jr. —
48th Peter D. Verheyen — A Bookbinder’s Journey: My analog and virtual life in the book arts


49th Erin Zona and Lauren V. Walling ’97 — Cracking Open the Universe: Women’s Studio Workshop Since 1974