Cayuga Lake Monster Book Bibliography

Kyle Admire et al, “In Search of The Legend of The Curious Case of The Cayuga Lake Monster,” Aurora, New York: Wells College Press. 2016



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 Kyle Admire et al, “In Search of The Legend of The Curious Case of The Cayuga Lake Monster,” Aurora, New York: Wells College Press. 2016, 8.5 x 5.75 inches. 28 pages with fold out map of Cayuga Lake, tip-in newspaper facsimile, A poem by Bruce Bennett, linocuts + 24 page notebook facsimile “book-within-a-book” digitally printed with letterpress cover. Softcover hand-sewn pamphlet stitch binding with wrap-around jacket . Letterpress printed pages on Mohawk Superfine and Cover printed on Curious Metallic Green Botanic. Endpapers relief printed with fish scale pattern. Typefaces are assorted hand-set 19th Century types with main body copy cast and set in Monotype Centaur and Arrighi at Bixler Letterfoundry.  – Numbered edition of 100 copies. Price $40 For Sale Online

Additional Production Notes

-Narrative Text: Kyle Admire
-Cover linocut: Alexis Reinhold
-Lake scene linocut : Alissa Toner
-Serpent linocut on fold out: Alexis Reinhold
-Poem background linocuts : Camille McNally
-Hand Lettering: Andrea Gould
-Additional Illustrations: Alexis Reinhold
-Faculty Advisor, Art Director, and Editor: Richard Kegler
-Printing: Kyle Admire, Richard Kegler
-Binding Crew: Kyle Admire, Andrea Gould, Emalee Garboski, Jaritza Santiago, Richard Kegler
-Additional help from and thanks to: Bruce Bennett, Michael & Winifred Bixler, Dr Kristina Blake, Jennifer Farrell, Frontenac Museum, Ferko Goldfinger, Father ‘Lish’,  Jenna Rodriguez, Tori Russell, Dr. Linda Schwab, Andrew Steeves, Elsie Torres, Gabe Torres, Katheryn Warner, “Cayuga Katie” Waugh