Victor Hammer Fellowship

In 1998 Wells established the Victor Hammer Fellowship to benefit the College by offering courses in the practice and history of the book arts. This Fellowship brings an emerging book artist to Wells for two years.

Wells College and the Wells Book Arts Center have had the privilege to have had the following talented individuals as Victor Hammer fellow

Jocelyn Webb                        1998–2000

Terrence Chouinard                 2000–2002

Sarah Roberts                         2002–2004

Margot Ecke                          2004–2006

Rachel Wiecking                    2006–2008

Sarah Bryant                           2008–2011

Katie Baldwin                       2011–2013

Laura Rowley                           2013–2014

Jenna Rodriguez                     2014–2016

Heather R Buechler                  2016–2018

Leah Mackin                            2018–2020

Rebecca Gilbert                       2023–2025